The Important Stuff!

420 runners maximum – The site is open to other users and the courses use public footpaths. Having more than 420 runners is unfair on other visitors.

Additional Charges

Any changes to original registration details will incur an administration charge of £4.00 -this does not include change of distance which can be done free of charge)

Registering on the day 

We do not recommend this as we cannot ensure there will be spaces available. We suggest that you email  with your request if you would like to run and registration has closed.  The cost of registration on the day is as follows

1/2 Marathon – £26

10K – £21

15K – £16

Race Day

Sign In – Is open from 8.15am, on arrival you need to sign in at the Sign In Desk which is situated behind the start and finish line at the wood barn.

Each race 5k, 10k and 1/2 Marathon will be allocated a separate line to sign-in so please look out for the signage

We operate a ‘chip timing system’ so all runners will receive a chip band to wear on their ankle. These chips will be given out at sign-in along with your race number, which needs to be displayed on your chest. Safety pins will be provided.

Please ensure you are signed in and at the start line by 10.15am, as final instructions will be announced at this time. We will then start the individual races shortly after announcements.

Due to the number taking part we will stagger each run group to avoid congestion at the start of the run but remember you are individually timed so you don’t need to worry if you start at the back of the group.

We will start with the 1/2 Marathon then the 10K and then the 5K. The run will start at approximately 10.30.

Ear Phones – We know that a lot of you like to run with music to help pace yourself and motivate your run and therefore we allow headphones to be worn. It is IMPORTANT however, to be able to hear race instructions, other runners and the general public who will also be using the course at the same time. So it is your responsibility to ensure you don’t endanger yourself or others.

Dogs – We are happy for anyone that wants to run with their dog to do so. You will have to start behind everyone else and you must have your dog on a short lead attached to you in a manner that does not cause issues to you or anyone else. There are other dog walkers on site and also wildlife. We can NOT accept responsibility if your dog decides something else is more interesting!

Ages Limits

Half Marathon: 17 Years

10K: 15 years

5K: 11 years

Anyone under 18 still needs parental permission to participate in any races.

Age limits are set by UK Athletic Rules.

Maximum Running Time 3 Hours.

Car Park Charges – Car park charges apply to all runners.Charges change throughout the year so make sure you check – Stanwick Lakes Car Park Charges

Terms and Conditions – When you register for a run you will be required to tick a box to say you have read the terms and conditions when you register. Please read them so you understand our policy on cancelling your place, cancelled events etc.

We aim to play fair and the best way to do that is to explain our rules.

Our Policy

Please accept this application for today’s race. I will be at least 12 years of age on race day and I confirm that I am medically fit to compete. I also declare that I have no medical disabilities that would endanger me or others participating in the event. I accept that I enter at my own risk and that the organisers and sponsors will in no way be held responsible for any personal injury, or loss or damage to property before, during or after the event. I understand and accept that the organisers reserve the right to cancel the race if adverse weather should make conditions too dangerous for competitors, or if a serious incident occurs that prevents the race going ahead. In this event, there will be NO REFUNDS. I also accept that if I am entering this race on behalf of another person, I am authorised by them to accept these Terms and Conditions on their behalf. I will also take the responsibility to ensure that they are aware of any further information provided about this race, e.g. confirmation and race information emails. I also confirm that if I am under 18 years of age on race day, I have the permission of my parent or guardian to take part in this race.