About Run At Stanwick Lakes

Run at Stanwick Lakes events are organised by Rockingham Forest Trust, the same organisation that manages the 750 acre Stanwick Lakes nature reserve. Headed up by our resident runner Becky Gill the events have started to take shape with our end goal of making the events a great experience for all types of runners all year around.


Rockingham Forest Trust is a self sustaining, environmental charity. All the income made by the Trust is reinvested back into the site to ensure that the high quality is maintained for all visitors to enjoy. The money raised through the running events allows the Trust to repair and maintain the 7 miles of gravel paths, add new exciting adventure play kit for the children and also helps the Ranger team continue their fantastic conservation work that keeps the site as one of the ‘gems’ of Northamptonshire with its SSSI (site of special scientific interest), SPA (special protected area) and RAMSAR (important internationally recognised wetland site) status.

So every time you register for an event you are supporting an important charity.This is why you will not see us organise events for other causes bit please don’t let this stop you using our events to raise money for your favourite cause.

For more information about the work Rockingham Forest Trust do and to find out more about the Stanwick Lakes site please click on the links below:

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